London - A2

What is this eBook-Lesson on London about? * In this lesson you will get to know ten top attractions of London. * You will see and hear about a less well-known sight, „The Monument“. * You can learn about Samuel Pepys and what a diary is. * You will learn about the Great Fire of London in 1666. * You can join Tom Porter and Samuel Pepys’s maid Jane in 1666 in the „Great Fire of London Game“. * Then you will know why London looks the way it does today. * You can travel through medieval London – the London that burned down in 1666 - in an animated film and you will understand why it burned down completely. * Finally you will get to know ten modern skycrapers – the new landmarks of today’s London. Enjoy this digital trip and the time travel through the centuries.
Textsorte Tagebuch, (historische) Berichte, Geschichten; Tourismus, kulturelle Einblicke in den britischen Sprachraum.
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14. 11. 2019
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